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Education is an important aspect of life. It’s so important that the Constitution of India has made it a fundamental human right. An educated person is the best asset for a country. In a developing nation like India, education is considered as the backbone of the economy. The most important resource that we have at present is our human capital. So, it is high time that we give education its due importance and work towards the development of a sound educational system.

The existing system has several flaws. Every year, parents from across India spend millions on their children’s education. Even if there are a few good institutes, their number is far less than the lakhs of mediocre schools, colleges, and universities in the country. In this situation, building new schools and universities won’t solve the problem. Rather we need a complete overhaul of the existing system.

We can always take inspiration from other countries who have a much better schooling system than ours. So, here is a list of seven nations who can teach the rest of world on how it’s done:

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